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  • Career Pathway Planning

    CIE counselors guide students through a set of questions to find solutions that best suited to their overall profile, ensuring that the best available Career Path is selected before entering into further education abroad. leomi leoegestas libero, nec volutpat purus mi leosed dui. Suspendisse sem dui, semper in semper lacinia, elementum ornare lorem. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

  • Course selection

    The team provides Personal guidance to help students choose courses that closely match their Career and Personal Goals.

  • IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Tests preparation

    We provide quality-coaching classes for students interested in taking the IELTS, TOEFL, and Pearson test exams with the help of qualified instructors.

  • Fee & Scholarships information’s

    There are numbers of Scholarships offered by varied universities. The amount varies, as these can be department specific or general. There are also other Non-profit organizations that provide funding as well to eligible students. CIE assesses student’s eligibility and constantly keeps an eye out for different application deadlines.

  • Institute Selection

    The team offers priority assistance on those universities that would best suit a student's Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Constraints.

  • Visa requirements & guidance

    Our competent staff assists students with the Visa applications, provide guidelines for financial statements and help them prepare the visa file in accordance with the requirements of various High Commissions while constantly ensuring 100% Visa success.

  • • Air-ticket & travel arrangements

    The team development contacts with some of the major travel agents in the locality to provide a priority based ticketing with special discounts for students whenever possible.

  • Pre-departure orientations

    CIE provides Pre-departure briefings in line with British Council, as this gives an opportunity to meet other students (and their parents) who are heading abroad and possibly to the same city or same university.

  • Airport pickups

    The team constantly keeping an eye on universities pickup dates to update with student details. Apart from Universities pickups, a database of Alumni students is maintained who are already living aboard, CIE arranged an exchange of information with the Alumni students to extend their support to coming students.

  • Accommodation recommendation

    • Our counselors gave valuable advice on the private and universities hall accommodation types' to suit student’s needs and budget and help them with all related formalities.

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